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Psychotherapist & Counsellor
Accredited IACP



Thank you for visiting my website. I appreciate how difficult it is to seek therapy and ask for help. This page will explain my approach and how we might work together.


I am a psychotherapist & counsellor in private practice in Nenagh, Co Tipperary. I offer individual psychotherapy and counselling for adults and adolescents struggling with life and role transitions, major life changes and other challenges.


People come to therapy for many reasons. Some feel stuck, overwhelmed, want help with a specific problem, or are in the midst of a life crisis. Others seek relief from anxiety, depression, and emotional distress.


We will work together in an atmosphere of safety and trust to explore, understand, and change your life.

My Approach

I offer you a psycho-therapeutic method which is tailored to meet the needs for each adult and adolescent on an individual basis. "Talk Therapy" can reduce emotional distress, lessen anxiety, and decrease depression. Therapy encourages your personal growth and opens up new life possibilities. By working together in an atmosphere of safety and trust, psychotherapy offers the chance to explore, understand, and change your life. Our earliest life experiences and important relationships provide a model and have an influence for how we work and live our lives. Many times, we continue to apply old patterns to new situations, even when they no longer work or cause great pain. It's natural to keep doing what we know. To take the first step text or call 0861900509 Why Therapy? Successful therapy will give you the tools to understand yourself, deal with transitions, develop new coping mechanisms, and grow psychologically on your own. Effective therapy relieves suffering and promotes personal growth and change.


What is Counselling?

Counselling is also known as talk therapy which takes place in a professional setting. It presents as a support in a secure and confidential setting for a client to look at their issues and feelings. They may be experiencing distressing events in their life such as work related, family related, general underlying feelings of anxiety or dissatisfaction within their lives. ​


Some people feel isolated and have no one else to talk to, but even people with supportive family and friends can find it difficult to talk to them about feeling anxious or depressed. Or they may just find it easier to talk about personal, family or relationship issues with an independent and professional therapist.



The areas of support I offer include: Anxiety/Panic, Stress, Family Issues, Personal Development, Grief/Bereavement, Intrusive Thinking, Self Esteem and Confidence, Bullying, Depression, Loss, Suicide Ideation and Self Harm, Abuse, Social Anxiety, Assertiveness, Illness, Work Place Issues, and Supervision.



This takes techniques from the ‘personal growth movement’. The emphasis is on self-development and achieving one’s highest potential rather than on dysfunctional behaviour.


This helps awareness when making negative interpretations and behavioural patterns which reinforce the distorted thinking. We will develop alternative ways of thinking and behaving.

Integrative Therapy

This is includes distinct models of counselling and psychotherapy that are used together in a converging way rather than as separate approaches.

Therapy Can Help You To:

Discover the transformative power of therapy as it helps you to flourish in your everyday existence. By embracing the present moment, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, expertly navigating life's transitions and role transformations.


Therapy can be the key to cultivate enriching, authentic connections with others and letting go of the weight of suffering and sadness, ultimately breaking free from self-defeating patterns that hinder you.



Sessions:  Sessions are 50 minutes in length and typically once or twice per week.  


Psychotherapy & Counselling sessions are conducted sitting face-to-face.  


Each session is charged at €70 per session.


Practice Details

Peta Webster BSc Hons

Psychotherapy and Counselling ​


Qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist


Accredited Member Irish Association Counsellors Psychotherapists (IACP)


Text or Call: 0861900509

Hours: 9am-5pm ​ ​


Location: Nenagh Co Tipperary

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